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10 Namibian quotes on storytelling we are loving

These encouraging quotes about all things stories from Namibian creatives and others will certainly inspire forward-thinking attitudes on the various dimensions of storytelling.  

I am concentrating on unity and the cultural diversity of Namibia . . . I am a bridge builder.

Jackson Kaujeua (Snr)

I think as Namibians we have very challenging times where as the individual we need to create our own script. How do I want to live? How do I want to contribute?

Rosa Namises

 I am very interested in exploring…why we do certain things, why we are the way we are, but at the same time I also want to tell stories that are about hope, that are about strength, that is about us being better people; about us inspiring one another.

Oshosheni Hiveluah

I have a desire to leave a legacy on this earth as someone who impacted lives using dance as a tool for education and transformation.

Nikhita Winkler

The stories of the people I sing about has taught me great lessons and I hope when they hear the things they need to hear in my songs; they find themselves too.

Big Ben

I regard myself as the canvas, painting a different story using my body and voice to tell all sorts of stories.

Hazel Hinda

I have realized that it is important to start in your own country, to gain recognition there and to build a market.

Sharon van Rooi

Acting to me is a way to reach my inner self, my true self.

Felicity Celento

We should create our own space to tell our own story.

Dr Alexander Jarimbovandu Kaputu

Storytelling is a very legitimate superpower. And honest, vulnerable, authentic stories can change the world.

Hermien Elago

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