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The National Theatre of Namibia annually and openly calls for theatre-makers, artists and storytellers to submit works to be produced by the theatre.

The next call out will open in May 2022 only.

OPENS:                               3 May, annually. 

CLOSES:                              30 July, annually.

The National Theatre of Namibia annually calls for theatre-makers and artists to submit their works to be produced by the theatre. The NTN invites storytellers, writers, directors, choreographers, performers, designers and interdisciplinary artists to submit innovative and brilliant works for upcoming seasons.

The NTN seeks powerful works, that bring forth refreshing narratives for audiences from different walks of life. Innovative stories that have something critical to say about the world we occupy today are encouraged.

Programs available for submissions include:

  1. NEW MAKERS’ PROGRAM(For new theatre-makers. artists and storytellers)
  2. OUTREACH PROGRAM (For applied, public community and socially driven theatre works)
  3. CO-PRODUCTION PROGRAM (For works to be co-produced with the NTN)
  4. MAIN PROGRAM (For diverse works by professional theatre-makers, artists and storytellers)
  5. LIVE ART PROGRAM (For experimental, performative and digital works)



Q: Is the call-out only for Namibian theatre-makers and artists?

A: No. We are open to theatre-makers and artists from the SADC region, continent and beyond. Collaborations are open to theatre-makers and artists from all over the world. However, all submitted productions must include a Namibian(s) as part of the head creative team.

Q: What is the timeline of the theatre season?

A: The timeline for the upcoming NTN Theatre Season in August-July of each year. All successful candidates will be secured to stage/actualize their works during this period.

Q: Is there an age requirement for applicants?

A: The minimum age requirement for applicants is 18 years of age.  There is no maximum age requirement.

Q: Is the call-out only for scripts?

A: No, it is also open to conceptual proposals. The call-out is also open to works to be submitted in a text by various theatre-makers. This must come with a concise proposal including the description of your vision, motivation, project outline, budget, details of collaborators, approaches, etc.

Q: What exactly will be the role of the NTN?

A: The NTN will feature as the producer, and will provide management of the production under the Production Department of the theatre.

Q: Who will be the owner of the intellectual property?

A: All intellectual property belongs to the creators and authors of the works. The NTN through a signed agreement, will have rights to further distribute the works through different materials (e.g. DVDs and photos) across different platforms after the production period.

Full details of the copyright owners and public performance licenses are required for all submissions.

Q: Is the callout only for works to be performed in English?

A: No. We are open to works that cater to the different languages spoken in Namibia.

Q: In what format should the text and proposals be submitted?

A: It should be a ‘Word” or “PDF”. Online applications are opened during the 1st week of May, annually.

Q: How long should scripts and texts be?

A: In terms of plays, scripts should ideally be no less than 25 pages. Concept proposals should be as concise as possible.

Q: Is the theatre only limiting applications for scripts?

A: No. The NTN is open to conceptual proposals for interdisciplinary works as well. Proposals for concepts should be concise.

Q: Are there specific restrictions that I should be aware of?

A: Preference will be given to fresh, innovative and new content that is critical and significant to Namibia and Africa. All approved submissions have to comply with NTN’s rates.

Q: Will the work have to be showcased at the NTN only?

A: As the producer, the NTN seeks to showcase works in spaces suitable for the various works. Venues will not be restricted to the NTN stage/space only.  To suit the artistic vision, the work may be presented in the ideal space, should resources allow.

Q: What happens to my application once submitted?

A: Your application will be assigned a registration number and be reviewed by an independent committee of evaluators, and a shortlist will be developed. You will then be notified via email, should your application be successful.

Q: How will submissions be evaluated? 

A: Your submission will first be evaluated for any missing information. Should it contain all the required information, it will be evaluated by a committee appointed by the NTN. Criteria such as artistic merit (excluding newcomers), vision and suitability of the material, will be considered. A shortlist will be developed and followed by a thorough analysis of the submissions. Shortlist candidates are informed by 31 August annually.

Q: What if I am not selected?

A: If your application is unsuccessful, you will be informed via email.

Q: Are there any payments for the application?

A: No. There are no payment processes for the applications.

Q: Do I pay for production costs?

A: The National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) will feature as a producer for the selected works. The theatre is open to co-productions (co-produced) works as well.