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THEATRE PRACTICES AND BUSINESS IN NAMBIA READER 2021- Announcement | Monday, 16 August 2021

The National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) is pleased to announce the oncoming release of the THEATRE PRACTICES AND BUSINESS IN NAMIBIA READER 2021 for 30 August 2021. The online reader is a compilation of perspectives by eighteen Namibian theatre and creative practitioners, offering recommendations on how emerging theatre artists could navigate theatre practices sustainably in the country.

Through interviews and written segments, the capacity-building reader includes an overview of some lived experiences in and around the Namibian theatre environment. Additionally, the publication sheds light on available opportunities for drama graduates, demystifies the viability and uses of storytelling skills, and offers recommendations on artistic applications for alternative sectors and industries in Namibia. 

The contributors cover varied areas such as arts administration, working as a producer, professionalism and etiquette, branding and marketing, filling industry gaps, storytelling in sales and advertising, cultural management as well as careers in the corporate, wellness, research, and education spaces.

Contributors include:

  1. Hazel Hinda: Working as a Versatile Performer Between Theatre and Corporate Spaces         
  2. Girley Jazama: Developing Networks as an Actor (Regional and International Market): Opportunity waits for no one
  3. Kulan Ganes: Developing a Career as a Make-Up and Wardrobe Professional
  4. Fellemon Ndongo: Developing a Career in Stage Management for the Events Industry        
  5. Ndinomholo Ndilula: Opportunities for Creative Entrepreneurship in Digitalising Theatre Practices in Namibia   
  6. ibuynam: Monetising Your Digital Content  
  7. Sandy Rudd: Working as a Producer for the Cultural and Creative Sector in Namibia
  8. Veronique Mensah: Running Independent Production Companies: Opportunities in Namibia
  9. Zelrine Verdoes: Running a Performing Arts Training Studio       
  10. Lavinia Kapewasha:  Considering a Career in Arts Administration
  11. Michelle Namases: Considering a Career in Arts Programming
  12. Dr. Laurinda Olivier Sampson:  Theatre in the Corporate Space: Theatre and communications  
  13. Betty Sibeso:  Building a Strong Online Presence for Your Brand
  14. Trixie Munyama: Preparing Artistic Works for Festivals       
  15. Sepiso Mwange: Developing a Career in Educational Theatre
  16. Sven-Eric Muller: Dance and Movement Applications in the Wellness Sector
  17. Victoria Sanyime: Using Storytelling Skills in the Advertising Sector
  18. Patrick Sam: Towards Policy Design and Structural Support for the Creative and Cultural Sector in Namibia        

Targeted for emerging talents and students of theatre practices, the online reader aims to leave readers with critical considerations for professional development, career direction, and cross-sectoral application.  Once released, professional artists, arts and cultural institutions, media, and educators are encouraged to share the reader widely for the benefit of the oncoming generation of business-oriented theatre practitioners and workers.

The reader will be made available for download (at no cost), for the public on the NTN’s website www.ntn.org.na, across the period of 24 months.

For more information, contact NTN Public Relations Officer, Ms.  Desiree Mentor, at pro@ntn.org.na / 061 374 400.