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  1. How many venues does the NTN have?
    • The NTN’s has 6 (six) main venues
      • Auditorium
      • Backstage
      • Dance Rehearsal Room
      • Green Room
      • NTN Foyer
      • NTN Parking Area
  2. What are the prices for the venues?
    • The Auditorium and Backstage fee differ from our smaller venues. The price of the venue includes factors such as technical costs, utilities and overtime, which varies the total amount. We advise filling out the booking form for the costs to be tallied and for a quote to be drafted accordingly.
    • The Dance Rehearsal Room (DRR) and Green Room work at an hourly rate. The DRR is N$ 150 per hour during working hours and N$ 275 per hour after/Saturday. For public holidays and Sundays, the rate is N$ 500 per hour.
    • The Green Room is N$ 115 per hour during working hours and N$ 250 per hour after/Saturday. For public holidays and Sundays, the rate is N$ 500 per hour.
    • The NTN Foyer works on a flat fee of N$ 3000.00 per booking
    • The NTN Parking Area works on a flat fee of N$ 3000.00 per booking
    • Technical costs, Utilities and Overtime costs to be factored in depending on the needs of the event/production
    • A non-refundable booking fee per event applies to all events at the NTN.
  3. What is the Main Auditorium/Backstage venue fee comprised of?
    • Mainstage and/or Backstage fee comprises of the utilities to make usage of the venue.
    • Please note that the Auditorium and Backstage fee come at the same [venue] cost.
    • Venue fee includes utilities and available technology costs. Please see our equipment inventory list here
  4. Are the Auditorium and Backstage priced the same in terms of rental fee?
    • Yes, they have the same rental fee as they are one stage space, regardless of seating arrangement or staging orientation.
  5. What is the current venue availability?
    • The NTN venues are available upon request, depending on NTN cultural programming and external client bookings.
  6. What is the venue capacity?
    • Taking into consideration COVID-19 Safety Regulations;
      • Auditorium – 235 patrons
      • Backstage – 125 patrons
      • Dance Rehearsal Room – 50 patrons
      • Green Room – 15 patrons
      • NTN Foyer – 50 patrons
      • NTN Parking Area – 50 patrons

        Without Covid-19 Safety Regulations
      • Auditorium– 470 patrons at full capacity
      • Backstage – 250 at full capacity
      • Dance Rehearsal Room – 200 at full capacity
      • Green Room – 30 patrons full capacity
      • NTN Foyer – 50 patrons as a standard
      • NTN Parking Area – 150 full capacity
  7. Where do I make a booking at NTN?
    • You may also email prod@ntn.org.na to request the availability of the venue.


  1. Why does NTN charge double for Public Holidays and Sundays?
    • The theatre charges double for public holidays and Sundays as per the Labour Law, to be able to cater for labour related costs and utilities for the theatre to run on such days.
  2. By when should the full invoice be settled before a client is granted access to the venue?
    • Unless otherwise provided in a quotation, the Grand Total must be settled in full seven days before the event. If we do not receive the balance by this time, we will be entitled to cancel the booking without prejudice to our claim for cancellation charges.
  3. For the larger venues (Auditorium/Backstage), how much is a booking deposit fee to secure my date?
    • The standard booking fee for the Auditorium/Backstage is 3000 NAD, non-refundable, as per the NTN policy.
  4. What is the significance of the booking deposit fee?
    • The booking fee is a payment for arranging and reserving the clients requested date. Clients are then assured that no other client or activity may be booked that day, in addition to reserving technicians for the event.
  5. Why is the booking deposit fee non-refundable?
    • For the larger venues (Auditorium/Backstage), there will be no refunds once the 3000 NAD booking payment is made, as the venue would have lost on all possible revenue due to cancellations thus the client is requested to be sure before concluding on the booking. This includes cancelation fees for booked freelancers too.


  1. Why does NTN insist on using its own pool of technicians?
    • The pool of technicians at NTN has experience working on NTN technical system and policies. They are aware of their health and safety working procedures specific to the venue. Furthermore, they have trained knowledge of the equipment and safeguarding thereof, in the venue.
  2. Where does one find the venue and equipment inventory list?
  3. How long does a client have access to the venue for rehearsals before the actual event and how long does one have to derig/packing up?
    • Clients can determine the dates of rehearsals, depending on the availability and the costs incurred. Clients have a standard day (1 day) before and after the event for preparations.
  4. Does the standard 3000 NAD booking deposit fee contribute to the venue costs or is it only from the actual production execution?
    • Deposit fee is inclusive of the total costs charged.
    • A set-up fee of N$ 1350.00 is charged per day for utilities of NTN being used. Therefore, the number of days of set-up and rehearsals will be factored in as the set-up fee.
  5. NTN includes a fire brigade as a cost which is charged per hour. Is a client able to negotiate should you be using the venue for longer than 5 hours?
    • A cost of N$ 275/hour for the presence of the Fire Brigade at each event is applicable. According to the safety standards and regulations, it is unavoidable. Clients cannot renegotiate the Fire Brigade rates, as these are the rates from the City of Windhoek Emergency Department.
  6. What are the security measures around NTN?
    • The NTN has the following;
      • Security Officer on duty for all events
      • Security facilities for locking away possessions
      • Safety Storage
      • Camera surveillance in the form of CCTV
  7. After my show, can I store my set at NTN if I have nowhere to store it myself?
    • The NTN will allow a day (1 day) for the client to make provision for the picking up of equipment, thereafter the client must ensure all materials, catering items, set pieces and props have been taken and are no longer in the venue.
    • Should an event fall on a weekend, the client has until Monday (unless stated otherwise) to remove all their production-related items including the set.
  8. Can a client make use of NTN’s vehicles/resources to transport their set etc. to and from the venue?
    • No, clients cannot make usage of NTN vehicles.
  9. Can a client move into the venue from 05:00 in the morning, should the set be complicated and pressed for time?
    • Yes, however, the client will be charged for the hours outside working hours, 08H00-17H00 weekdays.
  10. What are the times at NTN, how many hours can one rehearse?
    1. Normal administrative, operating hours of the NTN are as follows;
      • 08H00 – 13:H00
      • 14H00 – 17H00
        • Rehearsals can take place within working hours without incurring overtime costs.
      • 17H00 – 22H00
        • Rehearsals can take place within those hours, inclusive of overtime costs for NTN Staff. Hours outside these stipulated hours will result in being charged overtime.
  11. Until what time can an event take place at the NTN?
    1. Events at the NTN can take place until 22:00; any hours used outside the above stipulated hours will result in being charged overtime.


  1. Does the NTN rent out costumes?
    • No, the NTN does not rent out costumes.
  2. Does the NTN rent out equipment?
    • No, the NTN does not rent out equipment.
  3. Does the NTN rent out the piano?
    • No, the NTN does not rent out its piano due to its sensitive arrangement.
  4. Does the NTN rent out stage units?
    • No, the NTN does not rent out stage units.
  5. Does the NTN have décor?
    • NTN has a limited supply of décor for events; clients would need to source their décor for events.
  6. Does the NTN rent out props?
    • No, the NTN does not rent out props.
  7. Does the NTN rent out vehicles a driver?
    • The NTN does not rent out vehicles nor make provision for the driver to be utilised.


  1. Does the NTN promote rental events take place at the venue?
    • All paid marketing and promotional costs are carried by the client. 
  2. Does NTN sell tickets for the rental show?
    • No, NTN does not sell tickets for rental shows. Clients may use ticket service providers such as Webtickets, by emailing; delia@webtickets.com.na or any other ticketing service providers.
  3. Can I sell my own tickets?
    • A client reserves the right to sell their tickets. NTN can provide a box-office space at the theatre’s foyer during office hours for advanced ticket sales, and on the evenings of shows for sales at the door. Clients should provide their own IT infrastructure and required internet needs.


  • Can I sell alcoholic beverages at my event at the NTN?
    • Alcohol or beverages may not be sold on NTN premises as NTN holds the Liquor License. A cash bar is run by the host restaurant unless the client wants to supply sponsored drinks for free to the guests. The garden bar offers water, soft drinks and light liquor like beer, ciders and wine as well as spirits and an a la carte menu.
  • Does the restaurant belong to NTN and can one rent out the restaurant for events?
    • The current restaurant lessee rents the space from NTN and serves as NTN’s main catering and bar services for events and productions. If you wish to hold an event at the restaurant, please contact them directly at Katakombe Restaurant Manager Ms Delilah  0812 900 333,  kamayacatering@gmail.com


  1. Does the NTN offer performing classes?
    • No, the NTN does not host a recurrent program for acting and performing classes rather is a facilitator and nurturer for performative arts.
    • You may contact the following institutions for training:
      • The College of the Arts Namibia
      • University of Namibia: Visual and Performing Arts Department
  2. What is the NTN’s advice for young performers who wish to pursue performing?
    • NTN has programs and activities within the year, which give chances for upcoming and professional actors to audition for roles within a play that NTN is producing. Opportunities for training and workshops are available on an ad hoc basis and will always be advertised before time on all our social media as well as our website.


  • Where may I park during an event at the NTN?
    • The designated parking for patrons is a shared facility with Telekom Namibia on Robert Mugabe Avenue, as well as along John Meinert Street, at the entrance of the Theatre Backstage.
  • From what time can the patrons access the theatre parking?
    • The main parking on Robert Mugabe Avenue is available weekly after 17H00 until late and weekends 24 hours.
    • The open road parking on John Meinert Street is accessible anytime however more parking is available after 17H00 until late.